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Empower your Team with the possibilities of VR

A simple, fast and efficient way of developing your very own VR App

What is OneToBeam ?
We are India's #1st Virtual Reality startup to offer Guided Virtual Reality as a service.
Our platform is dedicated to the use of Virtual Reality in Sales and Education

Why Choose OneToBeam ?


Short Lead Time for development

From the time you give us a GO, we will develop your content and publish your very own app in a days time


Low Cost of development

Our streamlined processes and automated backend operations allows us to provide you with a quick response time at affordable cost 


Flexibility to edit content

The OneToBeam cloud allows you to add / remove / modify content as and when you need to. All changes reflect on your app immediately


Solution to all your VR concerns

The OneToBeam app was engineered to solve concerns sales experts had in using VR. A quick look at the features of our app will give you an understanding on how we achieve this

Features of the OneToBeam App

OneToBeam - Minimalistic Hardware


All you need is 2 Smart Phones + 1 VR Headset holder

OneToBeam - Controlled Experience


You select what your clients see

OneToBeam - Experience Mirroring


You see exactly what the viewer is seeing

OneToBeam - Shared Experience


You can guide multiple users at the same time 

OneToBeam - Focussed Experience


Direct your clients attention to specific areas of interest

OneToBeam - Standard Experience


Never miss explaining a detail with our script box function

OneToBeam - Shared Experience


In multiple viewer mode, understand focus areas of each viewer

OneToBeam - Focussed Experience


Predefine points of interest on your screen that your team has to focus on

OneToBeam - Standard Experience


Introducing Picture in VR, allowing you to add 2D images/videos in VR space 

A quick glance at the features of the OneToBeam App

OneToBeam - Realestate

OneToBeam in Real Estate sales

Take your real estate to your customers doorsteps. Showcase a completely built project or even show how a green field project would look like once complete

OneToBeam - Automobile

OneToBeam in Automobile Sales

Showcase interiors of not only different models but also combination of variants and colours in virtual reality at your customers door steps

OneToBeam - Tourism

OneToBeam in Toursim

Engage clients with possible destinations/attractions they might not have considered & assure your clients on what they are getting

OneToBeam - Education

OneToBeam in Education

Engage better with student, enhance retention through immersive learning

Solutions starting from

25,000 INR / Year

How various industries are using Virtual Reality to enhance marketing and sales reach ?


Take your product to your customers door steps

Take all your inventory / product to your customers home / office. Reduce time to travel to showcase multiple inventory

OneToBeam - Create Mini - Experience centers

Create Mini - Experience centers

Showcase all your products/inventory to your customers in mini showrooms @ prime locations


Create mobile showrooms where ever you go

Setup VR kiosks anywhere. Take your showroom to malls, residence complex & office areas

Please share your details with us for a DEMO or pricing related information

About Us

A set of Engineers & Entrepreneurs with a passion for Technology, who constantly question the Status Quo with an Objective to better the As Is condition. Having been Corporate Associates for over a decade, our expertise lies in Enhancing Efficiency through Enhanced Customer Experience. This, coupled with our passion for Technology led to the making of OneToBeam - addressing the absence of Cost Effective Technology in solving Practical Problems of Businesses & End Customers alike.

We founded Armonia Technologies with the aim of utilizing Cost Effective, Cutting Edge Technology to build Harmony between Customers and Businesses. With the right understanding of a Challenge and Delivering a Solution with a Technological edge can pave the path to a successful future.

In Einsten's words, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"



Phone: +91 98863 32362