Elevate Property Marketing with Interactive project launch Experience

Revolutionize property marketing through an engaging, interactive project launch experience that captivates Buyers and sets new industry standards.

3D inventory showcase

i-PLEX Key Features 

project area

Project Details & Configurations

Provide your customers with precise project details and showcase various configurations, including 2D and 3D floor plans, to give a comprehensive view of the project. Highlight key features, unique aspects of each configuration to help potential buyers visualize their future home. By offering detailed and visually engaging information.


Highlight Availability based on Filters

Showcasing your property inventory effectively involves presenting detailed descriptions, By incorporating user-friendly search and filter options, you ensure potential clients can easily find and engage with properties that meet their needs, enhancing visibility and driving successful conversions.


Nearby Places

Showcase key locations and amenities near your properties, like schools, parks, and shopping centers, to attract buyers and renters.

Amenities Along With Virtual Tour

Explore our exceptional amenities alongside an immersive virtual tour, bringing the property experience to life from the comfort of your screen.

3D floor plan

2D & 3D Floor Plans

Discover detailed 2D and dynamic 3D floor plans, offering a comprehensive visualization of space and layout for informed decision-making.

Virtual Tours Of Each Units

Experience immersive virtual tours of each unit, providing a detailed walkthrough to envision your future living space with clarity and convenience.

virtual tour
Balcony view

Balcony View

Show stunning balcony views to give prospects a glimpse of the surrounding scenery, enhancing property appeal.

Multi screen devices

Multi device compatibility

Enjoy seamless accessibility across multiple devices, such as Laptop, tab, touch screen kiosk ensuring a user-friendly experience regardless of your preferred platform.

Why Choose OneToBeam

Easy Integration:

 Seamlessly integrate OneToBeam's 3D showcases into your existing website and marketing materials.

Customizable Branding

Tailor the look and feel of the virtual tours to match your brand identity.

Analytics and Insights

Track user engagement and gather valuable data to optimize your marketing strategies.

Dedicated Support:

Receive expert assistance and guidance throughout the implementation process.

Benefits For Real Estate Developers 

Reduce Marketing Costs:

Eliminate the need for expensive physical models, printed brochures. 

Accelerate Sales Cycles:

Enable faster decision-making by providing buyers with comprehensive information and a realistic preview of their future homes.

Enhance Brand Image:

Showcase your commitment to innovation and customer-centricity with cutting-edge technology.

Increase Qualified Leads:

Attract serious buyers who have already virtually explored your property and are genuinely interested

Gain a Competitive Edge:

Differentiate your projects from the competition with immersive, interactive experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Drive Pre-Sales:

Secure early commitments from buyers who are confident in their purchase decision after experiencing a virtual tour.

Unlock a new dimension in property marketing. OneToBeam offers a cutting-edge solution that empowers builders and developers to showcase their projects to a global audience with unparalleled convenience and realism.

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