Virtual Configurator

Virtual Configurator

Change materials in real-time, and show all your options to your customers 

See different variations in Realtime

After you have designed a space for your client, allow them to play / experiment with different colors and materials in realtime. Avoid rendering the same scene again with different materials/colors.

Change materials of any object

a. Floor
b. Wall Colors
c. Fabric of Sofa / Bed
d. Wall Panel / Wall Paper
e. Counter Top
f. Cabinates


a. Engaging presentation tools:

Interactive and flexible presentation tools that captivate the audience, enhance the overall presentation experience, and potentially increase conversion rates.

b. Portable product catalog:

Having access to the entire product catalog on-the-go allows sales representatives to quickly and easily showcase a broad range of products and provide customers with relevant information.

c. Increased sales potential:

Proper product presentations can help sales representatives to highlight the unique features of a product, increase customer interest, and ultimately increase sales conversions.

d. Cost-effective sales and logistics:

With a well-structured presentation and portable product catalog, sales representatives can minimize the need for additional logistics and transportation costs.

e. Unique market differentiation:

By providing an enhanced presentation experience, businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors, stand out in the market and offer unique value propositions to their customers.


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